About me

My grandparents, Jan and Karolina Blaszyńscy, built a private mountain refuge in the Chochołowska Valley. It was here, beneath the Zawiesista Mountain, in the heart of the mountains, that I spent the first seven years of my life. On the rocks behind the refuge, I took my first climbing steps. It was also here that I discovered the joys of mountain biking, repeatedly conquering the trail to the Chochołowska Glade Refuge on a Pelikan bicycle, and making my first skiing descents on the pre-refuge ski lift. Living in the Chochołowska Valley, as a 6-7 year old, I climbed Kominiarski Wierch several times, a peak now under strict protection.

In 1980, I moved with my parents to Kiry, at the exit of the Kościeliska Valley. After completing primary school in Kościelisko, I continued my education at the "Hotelarz" school in Zakopane and later at the AWF in Krakow, specializing in hotel management and international tourism.

During this time, working in the hotel and tourism industry, I improved my qualifications through various courses. I obtained the ski instructor certification from the Polish Ski Association. In 2003, I founded the Tatra Adventure company, and a year later, I became a member of the Tatra Mountain Rescue Team.

In 2004, I became a licensed Tatra Guide. Since then, I have led over a thousand excursions, both for organized groups and individual clients. I also have the authority to guide off marked tourist trails and on climbing routes.

In my mountain activities, I didn't limit myself to the Tatra Mountains; I explored the Appalachians, the Rocky Mountains, and the Yosemite Valley in the United States. In Europe, I regularly visited the Alps and the Dolomites. In summer, I love Cortina d'Ampezzo, and for skiing, I adore the Aosta Valley, but of course, my place on earth is Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains.

I conduct tours in both Polish and English. As a local expert, I have cooperated or am currently cooperating with major global tour operators: Grand Circle Travel, Insight Vacations, Trafalgar, Tauck Tours, Busabout, Contiki, Furnel Travel, and others. I specialize in serving English-speaking tourists. My clients have come from over sixty countries, representing all continents.

For several terms, I have served on the board of the Klemens Bachleda Tatra Guides Association in Zakopane, keeping myself updated on the latest guiding trends. I know how to reach children, youth, and adults. I always strive to consider the client's specifics (age, physical fitness, interests), and as a seasonal TOPR rescuer, I prioritize the safety of those participating in the Tatra adventure with me.


Born in Zakopane (1973)
Seasonal worker in Tatra National Park (1989-1998)
Graduate of the Hotel Technical School in Zakopane (1993)
Graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow (1997)
Employee of Orbis S.A. (1997-2003)
International tour guide (since 1997)
Alpine skiing instructor PZN (since 1999)
Owner of TATRA ADVENTURE company (since 2003)
TOPR rescuer (since 2004)
Tatra Mountain Guide III class (since 2004)
Telemark instructor SiTN PZN (since 2015)
Tatra Mountain Guide II class (since 2016)
Telemark instructor SN PTT 1907 (since 2017)