Highlanders' quisine

After spending the whole day hiking in the Tatras, exploring the caves or just strolling in the centre of town, You will have a chance to sample some of the regional cuisine. In our resort there are dozens of restaurants offering traditional dishes which Zakopane and the whole region of Podhale are famous for and proud of. In most of them You will also get familiar with live regional music, traditional interiors and local art.

The Highlanders’ cuisine is a part of the interesting culture of the Carpathians. Dishes are mainly based on potatoes, cheese and greasy meat (pork, lamb and beef). However in the past meet was served only on special occasions (Christmas, Easter, wedding party etc.).

What was generally eaten here was sauerkraut soup and boiled potatoes which were served with crackling and noodles made of plain or wheat flour.

The most famous local specialty, making Zakopane famous all over the world, is the ''oscypek'' – salty, smoked sheep cheese.

When visiting Zakopane You should also try:

Bundz – cottage cheese made of sheep milk

Moskol – a type of a potato pancake, served usually with garlic butter

Kwaśnica – the most famous local soup made of sauerkraut, served with smoked ribs.

The most known beverage is the highlander's tea. It is famous as it is served with high voltage ... thus, makes you energetic and warm, especially in winter.