Rafting in the Pieniny Mountains with a local guide


Rafting is one of the major mountain-related fun sports. Pieniny, a  mountain range nearby Zakopane, is a place to practice it. My offer is varied: either a peaceful trip on traditional wooden rafts or adventurous (yet safe) whitewater rafting where staying dry is by no means guaranteed. 

Rafting on traditional wooden rafts along the dells of the Dunajec River is one of the more comfortable ways of touring around the Pieniny National Park. The tradition of organizing such rafting goes back to 1832. Wooden rafts are addressed mainly to the families with children and those who want peacefully relish the beautiful landscapes of Pieniny.

Rafting and bicycles

It is the culmination of the excursion around the Pieniny National Park.The bike trip involves the most beautiful part of the picturesque dells of Dunajec river (from Szczawnica to Sromowce). The 10 kilometers long bicycle route (situated mostly in Slovakia) leads “upstream” the Dunajec river. After the bike trip, in order to start the rafting from Sromowce to Szczawnica, the Polish-Slovakian border is crossed. All participants are equipped with life jackets and helmets. Optional equipment includes wet suit which protects from exposure, especially in case of group rivalry on several rafts.